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Hybrid Work – Opportunity or Challenge in the World of Work 4.0?

2020 was the year that things changed in the world of work. One trend that has come to stay is hybrid work. But what is behind it and what challenges does it bring? A look at the world of work 4.0...

Remote working from Portugal – Portugal announces the conditions for the “Digital Nomad Visa”.

The dream of decentralized working; Portugal is now making this a reality for many employees and the self-employed, offering a one-year "digital nomad visa" for anyone earning at least $2,750 per month.

100% Remote Work at Airbnb – a boost for the platform’s employer brand

Remote work as the work model of the future? Airbnb announces the end of office hours, getting more than 800,000 clicks on their careers page.

Salesforce shows what the future of work can look like

Salesforce says the 9-to-5 workday is dead and employees now have the choice to customize their work. How New Working is taking shape at the cloud-computing company....

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