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Artificial intelligence in the charts – AI songs conquer China

In China, artificial intelligence is becoming a star. More than 1,000 songs have already been released there with AI voices and some have well over 100 million streams. But what is behind all this?

Sony 360 Reality Audio – the audiovisual future of live streaming

Sony presents the future of audiovisual media with 360 Reality Audio. Music and voices, exactly as they sound in reality.

VR Startup MelodyVR takes over streaming service Napster

The virtual reality startup MelodyVR takes over the streaming service Napster to create a "next-generation" music service.

3 areas that are revolutionized by blockchain

Blockchain technology is on everyone's lips. More and more companies are working on adapting their business models to the Blockchain technology. Even though they still associate many of them with cryptocurrency, it...

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