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Artificial intelligence recognizes COVID-19 by cough

Researchers at MIT have trained an artificial intelligence to identify COVID-19 by coughing patients.

Like Inception – MIT researchers want to hack our dreams

With Dormio, the Dream Lab at MIT pursues the visionary goal of "hacking" dreams and making them controllable and useful.

MIT shows the megatrends up to 2030

MIT has published a list of the most important megatrends that will fundamentally shape our world in the next decade to come.

The Future of Aviation – The Morphing Wings of MIT and NASA

With their innovative wing design, a research team from NASA and MIT has achieved a quantum leap in aviation that was previously impossible.

MIT’s AlterEgo allows us to communicate with machines without words

Communication without words? MIT researchers have now developed the wearable AlterEgo based on subvocalization, which can measure neuromuscular signals that enable mobile communication without words.

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