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Venture fund for EnviroTech – Robert Downey Jr. invests in the future of our planet

Robert Downey Jr. is following in the footsteps of futurist Tony Stark and wants to support innovative companies with his environmental initiative "Footprint Coalition Ventures".

Innovation explained: Holograms

Holograms have always seemed futuristic, but the development of technology today is so far that we can create realistic holograms.

Marvel Comics Technology – Iron Man and Black Panther are closer than we think

Whether Iron Man or Black Panther - the Marvel heroes captivate with their innovations and technologies. But how far are we really from that?

Innovation explained: Exoskeleton

Until now, they have only been known from the screen - exoskeletons. In Iron Man, for example, Tony Stark uses such an exoskeleton as a superhero to do good deeds. But the suits that increase human potential are no longer science fiction, they are now a reality. Innovation explained....

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