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Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Makes AI More Human

Neuromorphic computing takes AI to a new level. With its 120 million artificial synapses, Intel's machine is not only more powerful than ever - it can also get tired.

News from the IAA – Sixt and Intel to bring robot cabs to German roads by 2022

The IAA in Munich is in full swing. However, one announcement surprised yesterday. From 2022, the car rental company Sixt wants to offer a robot cab service with self-driving vehicles together with Mobileye, an Intel subsidiary

Fight against Corona – Google, Lenovo and Intel help with sequencing of Covid-19

The coronavirus is currently keeping everyone on edge. Help is coming from Google, Lenovo and Intel, who are now helping with the sequencing of Covid-19.

Introduction to Neuromorphic Computing

Neuromorphic computing is the next generation of artificial intelligence. An introduction to the next level and generation of AI...

Innovation explained: Digital Integration

Mobile technologies are part of our daily lives. Smartphones, tablets and the like have not only found their way into our living rooms, but also to workstations and shops. With the advent...

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