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Medialist innovation wins the Isarnetz Creator Award in the category “Corporate

On 24 October 2020 Medialist Innovation was awarded the Isarnetz Creator Award in the category "Corporate".

The future as a competitive advantage – from futurists and innovation profilers

In order to remain successful on the market in the long term, companies must always take a look into the future. Futurology is nothing more than a study, a study of the traces of change.

Henley Business School Germany – “Looking for the Traces of Change…” (Lecture)

Through the lecture "Looking for the Traces of Change" at the Henley Business School Munich I wanted to inspire the participants of the future and motivate them to play a central role in it.

Brand Egg – a look at the personality of a company

Similar to a person, companies also have a personality. Be it through their culture or the way in which they communicate and place their brands. But similar to a person, many companies...

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