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Gartner Advises Caution: The 2024 Hype Cycles for Cloud Technology and Enterprise Networking

The renowned analyst firm Gartner has released its annual Hype Cycles for cloud technology and enterprise networking, recommending a cautious approach rather than hastily adopting AI-assisted tools for managing networks.

ChatGPT Edu: OpenAI’s New Venture into Academia

OpenAI, known for developing some of the world’s most advanced AI models, has recently introduced a specialized version of its ChatGPT designed for the educational sector: ChatGPT Edu. This tool, tailored to meet the needs of students, academics, and faculty members, could herald a new era in academic teaching and research.

Snapchat Revolutionizes Advertising with AR and AI: A New Era of Interactive Ads

At a recent NewFronts presentation in New York, Snapchat impressively demonstrated how it's evolving its platform by integrating augmented reality and generative AI technology for advertisers.

The Home of Tomorrow: How Generative AI is Redefining the World of Smart Home

The future of living is being redefined by the advanced integration of generative Artificial Intelligence into Smart Home systems. This new era promises a seamless fusion between technology and personal lifestyle, with a focus on personalization and intuitive interaction.

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