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Prototype the Future – why prototypes are crucial in the innovation process

Prototypes help companies to make their innovations, processes and ideas tangible and to evaluate their relevance for future users.

The Ten Faces of Innovation – the roles in a differentiated innovation culture

In his book "The Ten Faces of Innovation" Tom Kelley gives deep insights into the different phases of innovation and change in companies.

Henley Business School Germany – “Looking for the Traces of Change…” (Lecture)

Through the lecture "Looking for the Traces of Change" at the Henley Business School Munich I wanted to inspire the participants of the future and motivate them to play a central role in it.

Design Thinking – On the trail of the customer

Design Thinking is based on integrating the user into the processes of product development and innovation. It thereby encourages and demands joint creativity between companies and customers. But in order to make...

Introduction to Design Thinking

How does a company find out what makes its customers tick? The best method is to simply ask them questions. One method that has been gaining popularity for some time now is...

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