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Genie Unleashed: Google’s AI Transforms Scribbles into Playable Game Worlds

In a realm where creativity and technology increasingly meld, Google's AI research lab Deepmind unveils a groundbreaking development: Genie, an AI model capable of crafting complete 2D video games from a single image.

AI masters bluffing – DeepNash is one of the best Stratego players in the world

DeepMind is known for their impressive artificial intelligences. The new AI called DeepNash fits in wonderfully, as it has learned to beat almost all human players in Stratego.

Deepmind’s AlphaCode – when AI writes code

Can artificial intelligence code? Alphabet's Deepmind shows with its new coding AI AlphaCode that machines can demonstrate critical thinking when writing programs.

DeepMind develops an AI that can accurately predict the weather

DeepMind's new AI makes it possible to accurately predict heavy rain. A revolution in weather forecasting and an opportunity for many sectors.

AI Gaming with Muzero – Artificial Intelligence beats Atari games

Google's gaming AI Muzero beats Atari games on its own - is this the future of artificial intelligence.

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