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AI Sales – Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Artificial intelligence, used correctly, can optimize the sales process and make it more efficient. Click here for an insight into the possibilities of AI sales.

How the EU’s artificial intelligence regulation could stall innovation

The EU is working on a regulation for artificial intelligence. In itself, this is not a bad project, but in some cases reality and the regulation are further apart than they should be...a commentary.

The 7 patterns of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become an increasingly central topic in recent years. But which building blocks do all applications have in common? An insight into the seven patterns of AI!

5 Technology trends in retail 2020

The digital transformation of the retail trade will continue to be driven forward in 2020. These five technology trends are what retailers expect.

Chatbots in banking – the future of the banking sector

Banking has to adapt to the increasing digitalization. Chatbots can add significant value to customer service and processes.

Insurance – why companies have to face transformation

The insurance industry determines our daily lives. But insurance companies must reinvent themselves in order to be successful in the long term.

Chatbots in the classroom – the future of education

The education of the future must become more individual, more dynamic and more efficient. Chatbots therefore play a central role in the future of education.

Innovation explained: Robotics

Robots can do many things that humans cannot do or that are too dangerous for them. But what is robotics and where is it used?

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