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5 Technology trends in retail 2020

The digital transformation of the retail trade will continue to be driven forward in 2020. These five technology trends are what retailers expect.

Innovation explained: Nanobots

In a few years, nanobots will lead our world into the next technological revolution. What the tiny smart robots can do...

Technology, chatbots, innovation – the future of education

What does the future of education look like? A look into the digital classroom and the key gadgets and tools in tomorrow's school.

Postbot – Deutsche Post tests robot helpers for its postmen

Robots are being used in more and more areas of life. Deutsche Post has also recognized this trend and is now testing the Postbot.

3 Ways to optimize your chatbots

Chatbots are gaining ground. According to a current studies by Juniper Research, artificial intelligence and virtual assistants will revolutionize the service industry fundamentally by 2022. Companies can save up to $8 billion...

Chatbots – Application scenarios in companies

Anyone who uses Facebook will have already met them - the chatbots. These digital dialogue systems are increasingly shaping the Internet world and revolutionizing the services and marketing activities of companies. But...

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