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10 years of Bitcoin – from the past to the future

Bitcoin saw the light of day ten years ago. Since that time a lot has happened with the crypto currency - and that's just the beginning!

Market Niches – Recognizing Potentials in the Age of Bitcoin and Blockchain

The age of Bitcoin and Blockchain holds enormous potential for companies - whether in the context of new market niches or revolutionary innovations.

HTC Exodus – The Blockchain Smartphone

The Blockchain has the potential to change digital life as we have known it so far. With the Exodus, HTC now brings the blockchain to our smartphones.

Blockchain technology: why companies should care about it

In the search for a solution to the problem of ever-increasing transactions, block chain technology comes to mind. Not only is the technology currently one of the number 1 buzzwords, it also offers a ray of hope in the jungle of confusing data!

3 areas that are revolutionized by blockchain

Blockchain technology is on everyone's lips. More and more companies are working on adapting their business models to the Blockchain technology. Even though they still associate many of them with cryptocurrency, it...

Innovation explained: Blockchain technology

If you look into the current articles in technology press and media, you can hardly get around the term blockchain. Many people refer to this innovative technology as the future of the...

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