The Medialist Group works with the Innovation-Profiling method. But what exactly does this method mean? Profiling in criminology is the creation, updating and use of so-called profiles for the collection, analysis and evaluation of information. The profiler takes the perspective of the offender to reconstruct and interpret his behaviour. We do similar things in Innovation-Profiling at the crime scene Future.

More and more companies are recognizing a digital shift and deciding that they have to keep up with the times in order to avoid disappearing from the scene sooner or later. But before the reconstruction of learned processes or the bold step into a new digital and innovative future can be tackled, an understanding of tomorrow's world must be created.

As an Innovation-Profiler, our mission is to focus on the future and inspire people. A comprehensive innovation profile also includes the collection, analysis and evaluation of information, trends and traces of change, but companies and their employees also need to be sensitized to change. We give them a glimpse into the future and current challenges.

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    Keynotes & Lectures

    Inspiring keynotes and lectures for your event. We take you into the future...

    Future Profiles

    Trend reports, tailored to your individual demands and specifications. ..


    Companies are often looking for a culture of innovation. We will help you with this....

    Idea Evaluation

    We are a think tank and help you evaluate your disruptive ideas and innovations....

    Innovation Profiling

    Technologies and trends will shape the world of tomorrow. We pave the way into the future for you...

    Articles & Interviews

    Technologies and trends will shape the world of tomorrow. We pave the way into the future for you...

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