Retailers are increasingly facing new challenges. Rising costs, changes in consumer behaviour and networking technologies call for a rethink. In his first book, author Alexander Pinker, founder of the Medialist Innovation Group, focuses on innovation technologies and digital strategies for retailers.

The book “Innovations in Retailing” is intended to make the vision of integrated retailing tangible. Not only are different possibilities and technologies presented using a wide variety of best-practice examples, but also the usage aspects of retailers and customers are highlighted through expert interviews and customer surveys. Alexander Pinker describes the opportunities that retailers in Germany have to prepare for the future. Through discussions with dealers, associations, customers and technology experts, the Innovation Profiler gets to the bottom of the opportunities for the dealers The book was published in July 2018 by Disserta Verlag.

Alexander Pinker with his book “Innovations in Retailing”


How retailers can prepare for the future

The goal was to bring the shopping experience closer to the customer. For this reason, customer segments, exemplary for the two retail segments, were defined using cluster analysis and combined in ideal-typical customer journey maps.

In order to reinforce innovation and futurology, focus groups also held discussions on innovation in the retail sector, as well as expert interviews with service providers and solution providers, technology developers and associations, such as the German trade association Handelsverband Deutschland. The book presents the results, highlights channel preferences and purchasing needs.

” The retailers have to go a new way to survive in the future”, says Alexander Pinker, “They have to understand that the customer does not wait for them, but develops further. In times of Amazon and Co. this can be a death sentence for many small retailers. Retailers must therefore learn to experiment and openly approach new technologies, so they will continue to be successful in the future and can even outperform their online competitors.

The book is designed to provide retailers with a guide to help them implement an innovation system and make their industry’s opportunities more tangible.

The paperback was published in June 2018 with the number ISBN – 10: 3959354622 or ISBN-13: 3959354622 by Disserta Verlag and is available from Amazon, the publisher as well as in the classical book trade.

Further information on the book can be found here.

Innovations in retail - the book

Innovation technologies and digital strategies for retailers

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