Marketing Technologien

Technology trends in marketing

Technologies such as Virtual Reality, Edge Computing and AI are changing our companies and are not stopping at marketing.
KI entwickelt Medikament

Artificial intelligence independently develops new drugs for the first time

Technological change plays a major role in drug development in particular. Now, for the first time, a drug developed entirely by artificial intelligence is appearing.
Fast Forward Science

Fast Forward Science – the winners have been announced

The winners of the Fast Forward Science video competition have been announced. This year's topics ranged from artificial intelligence to moon colonies.
Brain Machine Interface Exoskelett

Paralyzed human moves in mind-reading exoskeleton

This exoskeleton, controlled by a brain-machine interface, helps a paralyzed human to walk again - and this is only the beginning.

Microsoft and Vatican – an alliance for ethical artificial intelligence

At a meeting between Brad Smith of Microsoft and Pope Franzisikus, a prize was established to promote ethics in artificial intelligence.