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Quantum Computing

Innovation explained: Quantum computers

We often read about the potentials of so-called quantum computers. But what does this mean? An insight into the opportunities of the new technology.

Data Scientist – a job for the future

We live in a world of data. More and more processes, applications and systems are based entirely on the use of usage and movement data. In this new digital age, a different type of expert, the so-called data scientist, is needed.

Head over heels into an unthought-out digitization strategy – dpr #11/2018

Innovation is a construct that is sometimes very difficult to grasp. An insight into the challenges facing media companies in times of digitalization can be found in my interview in digital publishing report 11/2018.
Startup Teams

Understanding startups: Team structures of a start-up

A startup is much more than just a vision or business plan. The team of a start-up is the core of a young company. It consists of people who promote innovation and creativity and contribute their individual contribution to the success of the company. An insight!


Automation Conference 2018: The Digital Future

What does our digital future look like? At the Automation Conference 2018 at the Weihenstephan Institute for Grain Research at the Technical University of Munich, experts from the food industry will get a look into the future!


Alexander Pinker

My name is Alexander Pinker - Innovation and Marketing Consultant, Technology Enthusiast and New Media Expert. The digital transformation of the business world has fascinated me for years, both professionally and privately. The "Innovation-Profiler" is therefore intended to give an insight into the trends, technologies and innovations that accompany me; whether as a project manager at the Munich agency GMM, as a freelance management consultant for communication, marketing and innovation or as a board member of Startup-Network SUN.


Keynotes & Lectures

Our world is changing. In my keynotes and lectures I show where the journey is going.

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