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Marvel Comics Technology – Iron Man and Black Panther are closer than we think

Whether Iron Man or Black Panther - the Marvel heroes captivate with their innovations and technologies. But how far are we really from that?
Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for startups – the search for emotions and added value

Social media holds some potential for startups. In order to optimize their own positioning, there are therefore a few tricks for founders!
Google Glass lebt!

Google Glass is back! – The Smart Glasses come with AI and voice control

Google Glass is back - with a new design, new software and a new target group, Google wants to conquer the industry 4.0 and the factory buildings.

Gartner, Inc. on the Barriers of Digital Transformation

Research institute Gartner, Inc. has identified the six major barriers to digital transformation in a recent survey.

Innovations in retail - the book

The first book by innovation profiler and future strategist Alexander Pinker on innovation technologies and digital strategies for retailers.




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