Technologies and innovations determine our future. Take a step into the next century...


Companies have to rethink their business models. That's how you can make it...


The digital transformation does not have to be carried out by a company alone. We can help....


Google uses their artificial intelligence to create chips

In the area of chip creation, especially in the so-called floor plans, Google will rely on artificial intelligence in the future!

This AI supercomputer is designed to create a map of the universe

NERSC released the world's most powerful AI supercomputer in May. Its first task is to create a map of the known universe.

The manta uses the plastic in the ocean to get around

Tomorrow is the International Day of the Environment. For this, I would like to take a look at a special innovation - the Manta. A boat that not only collects plastic in the ocean, but also uses it to power itself.

Everyday Experiments – How IKEA and SPACE10 are shaping the future of living

IKEA and the design agency SPACE10 design the future of our home and present it in impressive experiments and prototypes.

Innovations despite Corona Pandemic

COVID-19 keeps the world in suspense. The latest news about the developments in trends, technologies and innovations can be found here...


Alexander Pinker @ Hi, New Work. Session #7 | Explore the...

At the Meetup "Hi, New Work" by Jens Springmann, I was able to take the participants into the future of work and our everyday life.



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