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Primate plays Pong with his thoughts – all thanks to Neuralink’s brain-machine interface

Elon Musk's brain-machine interface company Neuralink has released a video of a monkey playing the video game Pong using only its mind.

95% of industrial companies went digital during the Corona pandemic

A new Bitkom study shows that Corona is leading to a surge in digitization in German industry. IoT, 3D printing and 5G are moving into the focus of companies.

Spatial makes collaborative work in virtual reality an experience

The Spartial VR application turns remote work and collaboration into a virtual experience.

Recruiting Generation Z – Tomorrow’s Workers Who Live to Work

The study "Generation Z - The Workers of Tomorrow" fits wonderfully into the New Working discussion and shows what the professionals of tomorrow place particular value on.

Innovations despite Corona Pandemic

COVID-19 keeps the world in suspense. The latest news about the developments in trends, technologies and innovations can be found here...


The Power of Cross-Technology Innovation #26

"The Power of Cross-Technology Innovation" with Alexander Pinker (AP Innovation-Profiling), Khadija El-Bedweihy (PraxiLabs), Mie Haraldsted (Aim Robotics) and host Fabian Böck (BOECKBX) on LinkedIn Live on robotics, the future of education and innovation.



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