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Smart Hospital in Essen

Smart Hospital – how the University Hospital in Essen is shaping the future of...

With the "Smart Hospital" initiative, the University Hospital Essen wants to set an example for the future of medicine and the clinic of tomorrow.

Robot supports supermicrosurgery in the operating rooms

The digitalisation of medicine cannot be stopped. Robots are also increasingly being used in operating theatres and support surgeons.
Megatrend Neo-Ökologie

Traces of change – Megatrend Neo-ecology

Consumers are developing an increasing sense of environmental protection and responsibility. The megatrend neo-ecology meets these values.
VR Therapie Invirto

First German psychotherapy for anxiety disorders in VR

The collaboration between the Techniker Krankenkasse, Startup Sympatient and UKSH brings us the first digital psychotherapy against anxiety disorders using VR.

Innovations in retail - the book

The first book by innovation profiler and future strategist Alexander Pinker on innovation technologies and digital strategies for retailers.




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Our world is changing. In my keynotes and lectures I show where the journey is going.

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