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Prototypen in der Innovation

Prototype the Future – why prototypes are crucial in the innovation process

Prototypes help companies to make their innovations, processes and ideas tangible and to evaluate their relevance for future users.
Herz mittels 3D Printing

First Heart Printed by Israeli Scientists with 3D Printing

An Israeli research team has developed the world's first heart using 3D printing with the help of a patient's cells and new methods of 3D printing.

Adventure water slide and roller coaster – how virtual reality changes the experience

With the help of Virtual Reality, water slides and roller coasters become a completely new experience for visitors to amusement parks and pools.
Megatrend Convenience

Traces of change – Megatrend Convenience

Customer needs change. Today, customers have different expectations than they did a few years ago. The convenience megatrend is the key!

Innovations in retail - the book

The first book by innovation profiler and future strategist Alexander Pinker on innovation technologies and digital strategies for retailers.




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Future Profiles

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