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Samsung Bot Handy & Bot Care – the robot butler for everyday life

The robot butlers Bot Handy and Bot Care from Samsung not only do your laundry, but also support you in everyday life.
CES 2021

CES 2021 – is the virtual version of the technology event worth it?

Today marks the start of the Consumer Electronics Show 2021, this year purely virtual - but what does that mean for the innovations at CES 2021?
Sony 360 Reality Audio

Sony 360 Reality Audio – the audiovisual future of live streaming

Sony presents the future of audiovisual media with 360 Reality Audio. Music and voices, exactly as they sound in reality.

DALL-E is OpenAI’s revolutionary Image-AI

The new Image-AI DALL-E from OpenAI is in no way inferior to its text generator GPT-3 and independently creates completely image motifs from texts.

Innovations despite Corona Pandemic

COVID-19 keeps the world in suspense. The latest news about the developments in trends, technologies and innovations can be found here...




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