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Salvador Dalí lebt

Salvador Dali lives – how Machine Learning brought him to life

The exhibition entitled "Dali Lives" in Florida brought the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí back to life after thirty years through machine learning.

Education 2030 – A journey into the future of education

At the International Scientific Conference "Bioeconomy and Rural Development" in Jelgava, Latvia I took the participants on a journey into the future.
Google Maps AR

Google Maps AR – Navigation with Augmented Reality

With the latest update presented on Google I/O, Google Maps will soon show the route by using Augmented Reality Technology.

Futures Space – we have landed

Actively shaping the future. This is a goal that all companies must face today. Futures Space helps companies on their way into the future.

Innovations in retail - the book

The first book by innovation profiler and future strategist Alexander Pinker on innovation technologies and digital strategies for retailers.




Keynotes & Lectures

Our world is changing. In my keynotes and lectures I show where the journey is going.

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