Technologies and innovations determine our future. Take a step into the next century...


Companies have to rethink their business models. That's how you can make it...


The digital transformation does not have to be carried out by a company alone. We can help....


The city of Olsztyn in Poland is testing the Blockchain deployment for its emergency...

The Polish city of Olsztyn is planning to use the Blockchain technology for police, fire and rescue services.

The Physics of the Impossible

The book "The Physics of the Impossible" shows us how close reality and fiction have already moved together today.

Future of mobility – MINI combines car and living room in its new concept...

Is the fusion of living space and vehicle the future of mobility? The Mini Vision Urbanaut brings comfort to the road.

Sega VR – a treasure of virtual reality gaming history comes to life

A new look at the history of Virtual Reality Gaming is given by a newly discovered game of the Sega VR-Headset from 1993.

Innovations despite Corona Pandemic

COVID-19 keeps the world in suspense. The latest news about the developments in trends, technologies and innovations can be found here...




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Our world is changing. In my keynotes and lectures I show where the journey is going.

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