Eigenschaften eines erfolgreichen Chatbots

3 Ways to optimize your chatbots

Chatbots are gaining ground. According to a current studies by Juniper Research, artificial intelligence and virtual assistants will revolutionize the service industry fundamentally by 2022. Companies can save up to $8 billion a year...
Die Top-Innovatorinnen aller Zeiten

The top female innovators of our times – women who changed the world

Today, International Women's Day, it is time to pay tribute to the great female innovators of our history. Many of them changed the world forever!
Deutsche Post und die German Angst

Deutsche Post – a comment on German Angst

Postal boss Appel is critical of the innovations Deutsche Post has been working on. A commentary on Germans' fear of the future.
Zukunft der Mobilität

The future of mobility

Mobility is changing fundamentally. Automobile manufacturers and urban planners are already having to adapt to completely new challenges.

Innovation explained: Robotics

Robots can do many things that humans cannot do or that are too dangerous for them. But what is robotics and where is it used?