AR Healthcare: Augmented Reality in Medicine

Hardly any other task requires as much sensitivity as a medical procedure. The surgeons have to perform millimetre-exact work on their patients, whether they are working on the spinal column, minimally invasive or straightening...

Media Days 2017 – Innovation-Profiling – Crime Scene “Future” (Keynote)

Companies are facing new challenges. Innovation-Profiling helps them to identify trends and technical innovations at an early stage.
Alexander Pinker - 3. M√ľnchner Eventtag

3rd Munich Event Day – Digital Innovation (Keynote)

There's a jolt going through the event industry. The topics of digital transformation and innovation are more relevant than ever for the organizers! A keynote note....
Digitale Innovation - Eventbranche

Digital innovation in the event industry

What does the future of the event industry look like? Many sectors and industries have already made the transition to digital. Be it the often-mentioned music and media industries or in retail, which is...
Daten - Digitales Erbe und Digitaler Nachlass

Data – The problems and the search for solutions

Data shapes our future. By 2020, we will have arrived at 45 zettabytes, a figure equivalent to an incredible 45 trillion trillion gigabytes. If you look at the individual sectors, there seems to be...