Biomimetic Soft Lens

Biomimetic Soft Lens – Zooming through a wink of an eye

The newly developed Biomimetic Soft Lens is a contact lens that allows you to zoom in and out with the eye by simply blinking.
Vortrag German Angst

“German Angst – Why Germany needs a culture of innovation” – Munich

Where does Germany stand when it comes to digitisation and where does digital self-image lack? At I was allowed to show what stumbling blocks there are and how to lead the country into the future.

Professions of the future – which jobs will come in 2030? (Part 1)

Which occupational fields will it need in the future and what does the labour market look like in 2030? A look at jobs of the world of tomorrow.

Neuralink – how Elon Musk wants to upgrade our brain

With his company Neuralink, Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to make our brain more efficient and lead us into the future of learning.
Kübernetik zur Zukunft des Marketing

The Future of Marketing – A Kubernetik

Which trends are particularly relevant for marketing in the future? Many factors play a role and a Kubernetik helps to recognize correlations.