Tesla-Gigafactory to be built in Brandenburg by 2021

Brandenburg could become the new home of the Tesla-Gigafactory for Europe. Elon Musk wants the factory to be operational by 2021.

Volkswagen wants to make autonomous driving ready for series production by 2025

Volkswagen has been testing autonomous driving in Hamburg for the last few months and would now like to make it ready for series production by 2025.
Gartner Trends 2020

Gartner’s Top 10 strategic technology trends 2020

What does our future look like? This year, Gartner has again forecast the ten most important trends for the new year and beyond.
Caper und Sobeys

Caper and Sobeys – the digitization of the Point-of-Sale

The Smart Cart provider Caper officially starts a partnership with the retailer Sobeys in order to digitize the retail industry.
RaDoTech Full Body Scan

RaDoTech – The Medical Full Body Scan for the Home

In times of medical self-determination, the RaDoTech company offers a full body scan that can be done comfortably from home.