Chatbots - Chancen für Händler

Chatbots – Opportunities for retailers in eCommerce and at the POS

Today, technology is evolving so fast that many retailers find it difficult to stay at the forefront of innovation. Chatbots, mobile payment, order-in-store - it soon seems as if new technologies are being added...
Trends 2019

Trends 2019 – Year of technological structure

2019 will bring some technological breakthroughs, but above all it will be the year of structuring and application generation.

Volkswagen wants to make autonomous driving ready for series production by 2025

Volkswagen has been testing autonomous driving in Hamburg for the last few months and would now like to make it ready for series production by 2025.
Fraunhofer-Institut entwickelt hörendes Auto - die modifzierte Dachfinne

Fraunhofer develops the hearing car

Researchers at the Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg are now using artificial intelligence to make the self-driving cars audible.

Innovation explained: Robotics

Robots can do many things that humans cannot do or that are too dangerous for them. But what is robotics and where is it used?