Lufthansa trusts in KI to support its employees

In cooperation with IBM, Lufthansa wants to offer its employees AI-supported services in the future to make their daily work easier.
#Zukunftsblick - Future of Communication

#Zukunftsblick – 3 future scenarios for social media, journalism & entertainment

3 future scenarios for social media, journalism & entertainment. The Otto Group's Blog Parade #Future View of the Otto Group is all about looking at the world of tomorrow and the future of communication.
Social Robots - Anwendungsfälle

Social Robots: Emotional support from robotics

Robotics is becoming increasingly important. Social robots in particular are a field that will be of great relevance for the future.
AIY Projects

Google AIY Projects: Do-it-yourself Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence now play a role in almost all areas of our lives. With its "Do-it-yourself Artificial Intelligence" Kits "AIY Projects", Google helps to understand the basics of machine learning.

Neuralink – how Elon Musk wants to upgrade our brain

With his company Neuralink, Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to make our brain more efficient and lead us into the future of learning.