Werkzeuge für virtuelle Teams

4 Tools that lead virtual teams to success

Managing virtual teams is not an easy task for project managers. These four tools help to improve collaboration.
Disruption im Unternehmen

Why companies do not need disruptive to be innovative

Disruption has become a buzzword in recent years, which has both unsettled and driven many companies. But is disruption really necessary for innovation?
Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft

The workplace of the future – from digitization and automation

Data will determine the jobs of tomorrow. In times of Big Data, data needs to be analyzed faster and more efficiently. In the coming decades, digitization and automation will play an increasingly important role....
Zukunft des Lernens

Learning for the Future – Teachers as Agents of Change

The future is full of uncertainty. Teachers therefore need to rethink to make learning more flexible and innovative for their students.

Professions of the future – which jobs will come in 2030? (Part 1)

Which occupational fields will it need in the future and what does the labour market look like in 2030? A look at jobs of the world of tomorrow.