The future is determined by our actions. More and more companies are recognizing a digital shift and deciding that they have to keep up with the times in order not to disappear from the scene sooner or later. But before the restructuring of learned processes or the bold step into a new digital and innovative world can be tackled, an understanding of tomorrow’s world must be created.

As an innovation profiler and futurist, my mission is to look to the future and inspire people. However, it is important for me not to forget the past of the industry or the company. In order to provide the most versatile and comprehensive insight possible, I draw on my experience in the media and marketing sector, the start-up scene and the consulting industry to provide a future perspective that is individually tailored to the customer’s needs.

MedienCampus stage at the Munich Media Days 2016 (Photos: MedienCampus Bayern e. V.)


Futurist Solutions “was created to sensitize companies, associations and organisations to the digital revolution. Here I not only offer coaching and workshops, but also hold keynotes and panel discussions in this category on the following topics:

  • Digital trends
  • Founding & Startups
  • Innovations in retail
  • Future forecasts
  • Technology trends 2025
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality
  • Innovative brand management and positioning

On these topics I was able to attend the MedienCampus area of the Medientage München and at the Berlin Summit “Future Tech” of SUN e. V. at Factory Berlin.

Berlin Summit “Future Tech” 2016 (Photos: SUN e. V.)


Selected performances, including videos, can be found at here.

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