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The organizational rebels

Organizational rebels – of visionaries and lateral thinkers

In an ever faster changing world, a vision is needed. Organizational rebels are needed, who have to keep a watchful eye on things and inspire their employees. But what is an organizational rebellion and what obstacles does it encounter in the German corporate culture?
Innovation erklärt - 5G

Innovation explained: 5G-Technology

The 5G-technology seems to be the next big thing in mobile technology - but how fast is it really? Is it a completely new standard that will revolutionize the mobile phone industry, or is it just a hype that will disappear as quickly as it came up?
Startup Marketing und die Schemata

Startup Marketing – The Power of Schemas

Startups are characterized by a high degree of innovation. This often makes it difficult for them in marketing. This can be remedied by means of so-called schemes.
Autonomes Fahren und die Medienindustrie

Autonomous driving and opportunities for the media industry

In a few years' time, autonomous driving will be part of everyday life. This means new challenges for the media industry, which has to consider new business models to keep car drivers entertained while driving.


stuzubi 2018 – “Crime Scene Future – Trends in tomorrow’s working...

The future is digital. New skills and knowledge count in the working world of tomorrow. Our corporate world is like a crime scene. I gave the visitors of the nationwide career fair stuzubi an insight into the tools of digital change.


Alexander Pinker

My name is Alexander Pinker - Innovation and Marketing Consultant, Technology Enthusiast and New Media Expert. The digital transformation of the business world has fascinated me for years, both professionally and privately. The "Innovation-Profiler" is therefore intended to give an insight into the trends, technologies and innovations that accompany me; whether as a project manager at the Munich agency GMM, as a freelance management consultant for communication, marketing and innovation or as a board member of Startup-Network SUN.


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Our world is changing. In my keynotes and lectures I show where the journey is going.

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