Cahtbot Tools

Tools for chatbot development – an overview

Thanks to Microsoft, Slack and Facebook’s efforts, as well as Facebook’s decision to integrate chatbot capabilities into their Messenger, we experienced an unprecedented hype for the smart bots in 2016. The use of artificial intelligence and the ability to communicate in natural language with a machine – it feels like we are experiencing the future. But this future is not only for Silicon Valley gigs or the big corporations. In fact, anyone can program a chatbot without any special programming skills.


digina Story

Our digital life – a digina story

Digital services and devices are changing our lives more and more. On one day alone, we generate 2.5 trillion bytes and I suspect that this number has become obsolete again at this moment while I am writing these words. We have realigned our lives. Our smartphone is a calendar, navigation system and TV, our conversations run via WhatsApp, Facebook or e-mail. Analog is out and digital is the new normal.


Digitaler Handel - Nachkaufphase

Customer needs in digital retail – after-sales

The after-sales phase is a central phase for the retail to ensure long-term customer loyalty. The perception that the consumer has in this section of his shopping has had a fundamental impact on his long-term loyalty. In the increasingly digitalised retail, the re-purchase is the phase in which the object is finally used and evaluated. It offers retailers the opportunity to intensify and strengthen customer relations through good service and targeted communication. However, some aspects that were particularly important to the focus group surveyed must be taken into account.


Digitalisierung des Handels - Kaufphase

Customer needs in digital retail – sales

In the sales phase, the aim is for companies to pick up their customers in the best possible way. While in the pre-purchase phase, while he searches for information and details, they only have a limited influence on him, they can convince him here. In this phase, the actual act of purchase takes place in the store or virtual POS. Various factors play a role for the customer. Media specialist trend research has shown that not only the presentation of the products, but also the specialist staff and the purchasing process play a central role in the consumer’s decision-making process.