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Projektleiter 2030

Project Manager 2030 – Disruption of Project Management?

What will our world look like and what are the requirements for tomorrow's project managers? Are they becoming the hub of the digital world or is it no longer needed? A trend profile...
Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft

The workplace of the future – from digitization and automation

Data will determine the jobs of tomorrow. In times of Big Data, data needs to be analyzed faster and more efficiently. In the coming decades, digitization and automation will play an increasingly important role. These are the trends of the workplace of the future.   Digitisation...
Trends 2018 - Jahr der Disruption

Trends 2018 – The Year of Disruption

Technology trends know no turn of the year. The last year has brought many changes in the tech landscape, which will mature in 2018.
Magic Leap One

Magic Leap One – a quantum leap for Augmented Reality?

Magic Leap, the mysterious Augmented Reality Startup, which has raised an astonishing $1.9 billion without publishing a prototype, is starting the new year with big plans. After six years, the company has now announced the "Magic Leap One". The product, which is supposed to...



Alexander Pinker

My name is Alexander Pinker - Innovation and Marketing Consultant, Technology Enthusiast and New Media Expert. The digital transformation of the business world has fascinated me for years, both professionally and privately. The "Innovation-Profiler" is therefore intended to give an insight into the trends, technologies and innovations that accompany me; whether as a project manager at the Munich agency GMM, as a freelance management consultant for communication, marketing and innovation or as a board member of Startup-Network SUN.


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