HSS – Media Conference – “Virtual Reality – A Technology to Dream” (Keynote)

Dreaming with eyes open. This is virtual reality. VR fulfils a dream that people have had for a long time. My keynote at the HSS gave an insight!
Virtual Reality auf Events

Virtual Reality in Event Management

Last weekend I was able to visit the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt together with one of my initiatives. While we presented Silicon Vilstal and  Farmers seek start-ups in hall 4 at the Arts+,...
Trends in der Medienbranche

3 Digital Trends in the Media Industry

As one of the first industries to do so, the media industry was subject to digital change. Media companies had to reinvent themselves in the early stages of the digital revolution in order to...
Alexander Pinker - doschauher.tv

doschauher.tv on Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality fulfils a dream people have had for a long time. In the broadcast doschauher. tv I talked about the chances of technology.
Trends 2017

Trends 2017 – A Year of Innovation

Although many will remember the year 2016 negatively, it has laid the foundation for some impressive technology trends that will mature to perfection in 2017. From Augmented Reality to Smart Home, a wave of...