Augmented Reality

Trends in der Medienbranche

3 Digital Trends in the Media Industry

As one of the first industries to do so, the media industry was subject to digital change. Media companies had to reinvent themselves in the early stages of the digital revolution in order to survive. Problems such as the dying of newspapers, but also the fundamental change in consumer behaviour have made the industry faster and more innovative. The waves of digitalisation have left a fundamental mark on the media landscape to this day. But change never ends – these three trends will revolutionize the media industry next.


AR Healthcare: Augmented Reality in Medicine

Hardly any other task requires as much sensitivity as a medical procedure. The surgeons have to perform millimetre-exact work on their patients, whether they are working on the spinal column, minimally invasive or straightening a bone. Any distraction must be avoided. Despite all of this, they need to look at the x-ray or camera image that is displayed on the monitor to get ahead. With Augmented Reality, this can soon be a thing of the past.