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Cahtbot Tools

Tools for chatbot development – an overview

Thanks to Microsoft, Slack and Facebook’s efforts, as well as Facebook’s decision to integrate chatbot capabilities into their Messenger, we experienced an unprecedented hype for the smart bots in 2016. The use of artificial intelligence and the ability to communicate in natural language with a machine – it feels like we are experiencing the future. But this future is not only for Silicon Valley gigs or the big corporations. In fact, anyone can program a chatbot without any special programming skills.


Eigenschaften eines erfolgreichen Chatbots

3 Ways to optimize your chatbots

Chatbots are gaining ground. According to a current studies by Juniper Research, artificial intelligence and virtual assistants will revolutionize the service industry fundamentally by 2022. Companies can save up to $8 billion a year by innovatively expanding their processes. But what defines a good chatbot and how can you make the most of the current technological options? Three tips for strategic planning.


Trends in der Medienbranche

3 Digital Trends in the Media Industry

As one of the first industries to do so, the media industry was subject to digital change. Media companies had to reinvent themselves in the early stages of the digital revolution in order to survive. Problems such as the dying of newspapers, but also the fundamental change in consumer behaviour have made the industry faster and more innovative. The waves of digitalisation have left a fundamental mark on the media landscape to this day. But change never ends – these three trends will revolutionize the media industry next.