Blockchain Industrien

3 areas that are revolutionized by blockchain

Blockchain technology is on everyone’s lips. More and more companies are working on adapting their business models to the Blockchain technology. Even though they still associate many of them with cryptocurrency, it is by far more than bitcoin. Blockchain offers transparent, reliable and fail-safe data recording and transmission. This technology, which quickly became a hype, is capable of making the organizations that use it not only more transparent and efficient, but also safer. Blockchain can be used in almost all industries where data exchange is involved. Three of them are described in more detail in this article.


Startups und der Mittelstand

Start-ups and SMEs – how companies can learn from each other

In today’s business world, new factors count that were unknown to classical entrepreneurship. The dynamics and agility of the individual processes are now a guarantee for the success of the company. Entrepreneurs need to rethink, because tomorrow’s winners are the ones who help shape change and the future. However, small and medium-sized businesses in particular often find it difficult to do so. In the search for a solution, SMEs are therefore increasingly turning to the start-up scene and are trying to learn from the young, innovation-driven founders and adapt their methods to the classic business models.