digina Story

Our digital life – a digina story

Digital services and devices are changing our lives more and more. On one day alone, we generate 2.5 trillion bytes and I suspect that this number has become obsolete again at this moment while I am writing these words. We have realigned our lives. Our smartphone is a calendar, navigation system and TV, our conversations run via WhatsApp, Facebook or e-mail. Analog is out and digital is the new normal.


Daten - Digitales Erbe und Digitaler Nachlass

Data – The problems and the search for solutions

Data shapes our future. By 2020, we will have arrived at 45 zettabytes, a figure equivalent to an incredible 45 trillion trillion gigabytes. If you look at the individual sectors, there seems to be no longer any where the data have not become a currency of their own. From industry to trade and household appliances, everything is data-controlled and networked.


Digitale Innovation - Eventbranche

Digital innovation in the event industry

What does the future of the event industry look like? Many sectors and industries have already made the transition to digital. Be it the often-mentioned music and media industries or in retail, which is taking its first steps in the course of digital transformation. But even the event industry cannot avoid modernization. However, I would not speak here of digital transformation – in my view it is a digital innovation.